Eco-warriors™ The Concept

Eco-Warriors™ was founded by Panda-Wolf Holding in September 2019. Brian Dean, the current CEO and co-founder of Eco-Warriors comes with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, having built and co-founded various companies such as - Discover Mauritius & HomePanda.

Eco-Warriors™ is the first-ever Educational mobile game under the UNESCO Patronage in Africa, that teaches kids, through Gamification, the actions related to waste sorting and recycling. They learn the History and Geography of the area, city or country through the different levels and sort the collected waste in recycling bins to earn points and complete the levels.

Eco-Warriors™ goes a step further beyond child education and environmental awareness. By providing a physical component to the gamification of environmental awareness. Eco-Warriors™ is looking to roll out a comic-book product line and ultimately incentivize users to get free copies of the comic book by collecting 5kg of household recyclable waste and exchanging it for the comic books.

One of the long term goals is to leverage the physical action from the household recycling material to offer data and insights to corporations on the CO2 emissions in specific regions and measures they can take to curb the significant increase in CO2 emissions, inherently destroying the biodiversity and environment in local regions. As of now, Eco-Warriors™ operates in Mauritius but has plans to expand across the region to include l'Ile de La Reunion and other adjacent regions.

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