The Eco-warriors™ project spans from a Mobile Game and Comic Book teaching the kids, through Gamification techniques, the environmental actions to be taken for Waste sorting and recycling. From the Recyclable Waste Collected, we analyze and provide CO2e reports for Carbon Tax reduction of Consumer Goods manufacturers.

About Eco-Warriors™

Eco-Warriors™ is the first-ever Educational mobile game under the UNESCO Patronage in Africa, that teaches kids, through Gamification, the actions related to waste sorting and recycling. They learn the History and Geography of the area, city or country through the different levels and sort the collected waste in recycling bins to earn points and complete the levels. They also meet the endemic animals of each place, helping them in the cleaning of their natural habitat and fight the pest.


Eco-Warriors™ also provides a Call-to-action for kids by providing a monthly comic and activity book that not only continues the adventures of the ‘Eco-Warriors™’ but also has activities and Q&As related to the environment and to their school curriculum. The kids are able to get their free copy of the comic book by exchanging 5kg of household recyclable waste (plastic, paper, glass, and metal cans). This call-to-action help the kids to put in practice what they learned in the game but also help us track waste pattern and understand the CO2 emissions of consumer goods.


We then provide a monthly report of waste tracking and CO2e per region to manufacturers, in order for them to understand the indirect CO2 and GHG emissions of their products but mainly help them reduce their Carbon Taxes.


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Awards Received

Since the launch of the Eco-Warriors™ Project in the Indian Ocean Region in September 2019, we have been nominated and awarded by different bodies around the world.

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